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Super Mash-Ups Of Marvel And DC Comic Heroes and Villains

Captain Krypton (Superman & Captain America)

The Amazing Spider-Bat (Spider-Man & Batman)

Devilwing (Daredevil & Nightwing)

Ms Wonder (Ms Marvel & Wonder Woman)

The Creeping Wolverine (The Creeper & Wolverine)

Thunder God (Thor & Captain Marvel/Shazam)

The Joking Goblin (The Joker & Green Goblin)

Dr. Octofreeze (Dr. Octopus & Mr Freeze)

Banenom (Bane & Venom)

Mysteriddle (Mysterio & Riddler)

Poison Scorpion (Poison Ivy & Scorpion)

The Scavenger (The Vulture & Scarecrow)

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